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Image by Tim Christopher Klonk

The hybrid solution as an alternative to the complete wooden construction.

There are often situations in which the external conditions do not allow for a purely wooden solution or modular construction. For instance, when adding floors, the staircase sometimes has to be built out of concrete, which is easy to implement with the hybrid solution. When constructing a hotel, the lobby often stands out due to its special design, which can be addressed by employing the hybrid solution. 

The hybrid solution leaves nothing to be desired; the flexibility of the conventional construction method, in combination with the wooden modular construction, enables us to realize all design requirements. 


Wood is a climate-neutral building material due to the stored CO2. Additionally, its properties make it ideal for modular construction. Furthermore, wood is easy to process, so there are no limits to the design, size, and shape, as such factors can vary depending on the project's individualization. Moreover, the interior design, as well as the exterior facade, can be freely designed, which means we can adapt your project even more specifically to your wishes.

The insulation of the i-MODUL consists of natural materials whose properties are ideal for insulation and can be reused at the end of their lifecycle. 

Your benefits

Rapid implementation on site

Freely customizable

Healthy living environment


Wood compensates for the high CO2 footprint of concrete, therefore being still climate-friendly

Also possible as elemental construction

Future-oriented, flexible

Freedom in the design

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