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Transperancy everywhere and at any time 

The monitoring system regulates and controls the different variables, such as the consumption of resources and the reduction of environmental pollution, in order to be able to delineate and optimize interventions transparently.


Product use:

  • Energy monitoring according to ISO 50001

  • Automatic recording of different company variables such as costs, electricity, gas, heating, fuel, travel kilometers, CO2, etc.

  • CO2 balance according to Scope 1-3 of the GHGP

  • Database for audit and information report

  • Representation at different levels, e.g. real estate, society or consumers

  • Digitalisation of processes and services within the framework of the firm's management obligations

  • Creation of individual reports

The display provides insight into the energy consumption and CO2 savings of your company or building, keeping costs to a minimum and optimizing profits. Furthermore, the display of load profiles of the total energy consumption enables consumers to adapt, so that all end users have their own, sustainable electricity available at all times. Of course, the balancing of your own electricity production and consumption can be controlled by the monitoring system.


In addition, digital management with 24/7 reporting provides an overview of energy procurement, sets forecasts and plans the supply, so that it remains stable.


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Security through monitoring

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