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Building technique innovatively rethought - as a modular, intelligent system

With the i-SYSTEM, the high demands placed on smart building technology are met intelligently and sensibly.

The innovative i-SYSTEM, which saves operating costs, is based on a distribution and communication system that regulates an intelligent and highly efficient control of electricity, heat and cold to the respective consumers. The resource-saving, CO2-neutral overall solution guarantees the highest level of living comfort. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages many times over, and especially to these days, our customers also appreciate the benefits in the area of hygiene. Indeed, with the if-SYSTEM, no pathogens such as legionella can form in the drinking water and with the ia-SYSTEM you can be sure that the air exchange in every room is regulated with sufficient fresh air. 

Intelligent Power SYSTEM

Highly efficient, always available, clean, and independent power accessibility and intelligent energy distribution are becoming increasingly important. 

The iP-SYSTEM uses the i-ENERGY SYSTEM's own electricity and optimizes the total energy requirements to a minimum while ensuring maximum comfort. The power supply can be dimensioned depending on the performance required; the intelligent control mechanism is based on the building's current consumption. 

The automation of a building or industrial complex requires a communication cable system that controls a wide variety of consumer points. The iP-SYSTEM connects several consumers centrally with the same operating voltage via just one voltage converter and hence, conversion losses can be minimized. 

The iP-SYSTEM guarantees this consistency and flexibility for reliable energy distribution - from the feed-in to the point of consumption. 

The design is tailored to individual needs and requirements, with performance stability entailing minimal consumption and maximum comfort, elements representing our top priority. Peak times, such as those that occur during the day or season, are taken into account, and the distribution is based on this, so it is ultimately optimally designed. 

If you would like to have an overview of your consumption or wish to control it, you will find an easily usable service in your user account on the app. 


Intelligent Fluid SYSTEM

The uniqueness of the if-SYSTEM offers you, as a builder, owner, landlord or tenant, an exclusive and cost-saving solution for your health and comfort.

The if-SYSTEM is based on a single-pipe system, meaning that only one cold water pipe is used, a feature that significantly reduces material and installation costs. A control system supplies water at exactly the right temperature to the water point currently requesting it. Hot and cold water are not mixed, so there is no energy loss!

All other supply lines remain dry, temperature and pressure fluctuations are eliminated, and the water flows without any loss of comfort.

The automatic legionella flushing function prevents standing water in the pipes, which hampers pathogens such as legionella from developing - the perfect, unique and hygienic solution for your drinking water.

-_iH-System copy 2.png

Intelligent Heating SYSTEM

The iH-SYSTEM's uniqueness offers you, as a builder, owner, landlord, or tenant, an exclusive and cost-saving solution for your living environment and your budget. 

Heat is generated via the waste heat from the i-ENERGY-SYSTEM, and it is distributed via ceilings, walls or floors, implying that heating can be achieved efficiently and economically with the smallest amount of space required. Radiators are no longer necessary but can be installed if desired. 

-_iC-System copy 2.png

Intelligent Cooling SYSTEM

We are setting a new standard: CO2-free air conditioning and cooling!

The uniqueness of the iC-SYSTEM offers you as a builder, owner, landlord or tenant an exclusive and cost-saving solution for your comfort and budget. The i-ENERGY-SYSTEM produces heat from the exhaust air, which is converted into cold in a reversible process. The iC-SYSTEM thus guarantees CO2-free, high and individually adjustable cooling.

The original evaporator becomes the condenser and the condenser becomes the evaporator. At high temperatures, the iC-SYSTEM absorbs the excess room heat and cools it down via the compressor. The environment is taken into account when designing the cooling system. Depending on the circumstances, natural cooling is also considered, in which the low temperature of the earth or groundwater is used for the aforementioned purpose. Cooling down to minus 18 degrees is possible; for instance, cold storage rooms for restaurants can be cooled with such system.

A combination of active and natural cooling is possible. When cooling is required to a small extent, energy-saving passive cooling can be used, and when it is required to a greater extent, active cooling can be switched on. This allows efficient and economical cooling while taking up minimal space. Further, it eliminates the need for additional air conditioning units and saves you even more money. This solution also offers CO2-neutral air conditioning, while being cost-effective and completely environmentally friendly.

If you would like to have an overview of your consumption or want to control it, you will find an outline on your user account in the app which is easily accessible and usable. This means that the entire system can be monitored 24/7 and an individually adjustable room temperature can be controlled from anywhere using the intelligent software.

-_iA-System copy 2.png

Intelligent Air SYSTEM

The controlled living space ventilation automatically and economically supplies each individual room with fresh air and at the same time removes the moisture from the rooms.


The ia-SYSTEM is optimally adapted to the respective building/module and meets the high requirements for clean and healthy ventilation.


Specially adapted to the respective situation, the ia-SYSTEM allows different filters (e.g. activated carbon filters, pollen filters) to be used as needed.


For a healthy, constant indoor climate.

Some benefits of the i-SYSTEM

​      i-Power SYSTEM

  • Save resources - 50% less power consumption

  • Own bus system, transformers reduce to the desired voltage

  • No energy loss with constant comfort

  • All systems via one control 

  • Communication with the building always adapts to current needs 

​i -Heating SYSTEM

  • Efficient, economical, space-saving

  • Individual room control

  • Healthy living environment

  • Low maintenance

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Intelligent, smart


  • Healthy, constant indoor climate through supply and exhaust air

  • No mold or condensation, no odor

  • For the highest quality standards through controlled ventilation

  • Air speed and temperature can be adjusted variably

     i-Fluid SYSTEM

  • Up to 60% less drinking water consumption

  • Exact consumer measurement per water point

  • Lower material and installation costs

  • Automatic legionella flushing

  • No pressure fluctuations, no scalding

  • Free in the design of the fitting

i-Cooling SYSTEM

  • Efficient, cost-effective

  • without additional equipment, requires no space

  • Individual room control

  • Exact consumer measurement

  • Use waste heat - no energy loss

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