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Break Dancer

The management for your comprehensive project.

You have the choice; if you opt for the i-Modul, you will receive your customized building. Hence, no matter how complex the project and the requirements of the surrounding environment are, the design, shape and interior fittings are determined by you and implemented by our firm according to your wishes.

If you want to construct your establishment conventionally and employ the i-SYSTEM technology only therein, you can select, according to your wishes, among the individual modular product solutions. We work out the best for you and your project, aiming to achieve the maximum energy efficiency with CO2-neutral energy.

We can also help with renovations, including their planning, according to the criteria of the current needs; moreover, we are happy to advise you on product selection.


With our modular services, all possibilities are open to you. Plan together with us - as a client, as an architect, as an investor.

Our competence is to develop, plan and realize future-oriented buildings in the private as well as the public sector.

We partner with various certification bodies to ensure that you, as a customer, receive the best possible advice about the funding you can receive. 

Through our monitoring, the certification body receives the calculations, which are subsequently forwarded to the funding bodies for application. 

No matter what project - big or small - we are here for you!

We provide you with project-specific advice on which environmental funds you can receive through the government's funding programs.

Funding management

The aim for all companies is to comply with the 2035 climate goals 



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