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For energy projects, new constructions or renovation - we guarantee clarity.

Government funding is regulated very differently from country to country, and without our partner, we would never have an overview of the variety of funding bodies and their regulations. 

Private projects are usually manageable; in this case, you will receive the energy calculation from us as well as the application to the responsible funding agency. 

If you would like to achieve climate neutrality in your company, we would be happy to support you (e.g. in Germany) with the transformation concept. This entails that we present the current state of GHG emissions or the GHG balance and formulate a GHG neutrality target by 2045 at the latest. 

A longer-term goal, i.e. ten years after submission of the application, is to achieve the INTENDED situation. 

The associated action plan for achieving goals or the transformation from the PRESENT to the TARGET state is part of our business area. 

We will also elaborate on saving plans for your project and strategies for anchoring them in the company structure. 

Glückliches Mädchen in der Natur

Climate neutrality

Greenhouse gas neutrality is the balance between carbon emissions (GHGs) and absorption from the atmosphere in so-called depressions (forests, moors, etc.).

However, this does not only refer to carbon dioxide (CO2) but also to other gases such as methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), and the so-called F-phases (HFW, CFC, SF6, NF3), which are converted into CO2 units for better comparability.

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