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Saving resources and costs, thinking for the environment - that's how the future works.

Our products

We have specialized in sustainable technologies in the energy supply sector, in building technology and in modular construction.

We are moving into new territories in many areas; the overall solutions involving technologies are revolutionary and future-oriented.

Our products and services are modular and multifunctional, which allows us to tailor each project to individual needs.

Sustainability is our top priority; as a matter of fact, we have been pursuing the goal of developing climate-neutral, sensible and intelligent products for many years.

Our approach is based on an integrated, closed circuit, which allows us to implement an integrated, complete solution for our customers' energy supply, building technology, or construction projects.

We plan and realize your new building or conversion, including the technical building equipment with electricity, water, heat and cold, which is produced with our own locally produced energy.

Our products are constructed modularly as an entire system, which entails great flexibility for you because they can be assembled according to your needs.

Energy solutions

for industry, buildings and infrastructures


TBE - technical building equipment

for industry, buildings and infrastructures


Modular construction 

for industry, buildings

and infrastructure



Funding management




All from a single source


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