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The sustainable, CO2-neutral energy solution

Produce H2 from renewable sources -
Generate electricity, heat & cold

The global demand for energy is constantly increasing, and it has become a scarce commodity. At the same time, energy prices are rising, putting pressure on the economic and private sectors.


With our i-ENERGY solution, we want to convert energy production entirely to renewable energies and thus help companies and private individuals achieve their 2035 energy goals.

Our solution provides a modular, expandable system with which the set target is achieved in successive phases.


The final result is self-sufficiency, which enables energy suppliers to be independent.

Our solution for self-sufficient supply

How does i-ENERGY work?
is based on modular microturbine technology and enables independent energy supply within an integrated circuit.

Sun, wind, biomass and geothermal energy are the primary energies.

We use self-produced hydrogen H2 as energy storage, which is fed into the MMT - modular microturbine. This is how we generate electricity and heat. The latter can also be converted into cold by absorbers. We employ the waste heat to produce electricity by directing it into the MMT. This means we are emission-free and ensure a clean, efficient all-around supply through such a circular system.​

For a more detailed overview, you can view a simplified representation of an i-ENERGY system here.​

Depending on the use and needs, the MMT can be equipped with various applications to increase efficiency significantly. The entire energy concept forms a holistic system and is individually designed and tailored to the project's given conditions so that there is never any energy loss. Feeding into the public grid ensures quick amortization and profit. 

​​With the i-ENERGY SYSTEM you receive CO2 certificates that have been approved and checked by an independent and respected certification body! 

Through CO2-free electricity production, the amount of electricity, heat and cold produced in kilowatts is calculated in correspondence with the savings in CO2 produced per kilowatt hour. One certificate corresponds to one ton of CO2 emitted. 

The new energy law calls for innovative solutions to reduce CO2 emissions. Due to the high taxes caused
by CO2 production, large companies that emit a significant amount of CO2 will have to pay higher CO2 taxes in the future or purchase so-called CO2 certificates.

Your benefits

Tailor-made, sustainable energy supply - independent of the local energy supplier

Own hydrogen production for self-use or third-party use

An expected reduction in electricity consumption of up to 60% compared to the present situation (peak load)

Meets - and exceeds the 2035 climate goals

24/7 with backup supply and therefore fail-safe

Integrated CO-2 neutral solution – enables tax savings

Complete monitoring solution

Circular economy in the energy process

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