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Modular construction with wooden or hybrid solutions for buildings, industry or infrastructure 

Sustainable construction and the creation of affordable housing

The demand for housing is increasing annually, and climate change requires a shift, amongst other things, in the construction industry. Therefore, in the development of the i-Building, sustainable construction and the creation of affordable housing are in the foreground. Accordingly, we have developed high standards to offer healthy, sustainable, and financially attractive establishments to our customers.

The i-BUILDING consists of various modules that need to be assembled and externally connected solely on the construction site. The individual modules are prefabricated in the firm. There, the modular unit is erected with floor, walls, and ceiling. The TBE and the interior design—with FF&E if required—are already installed in the module in our firm, where the approval subsequently takes place.


Modular construction enables affordable establishments, on the one hand, through serial prefabrication in our firm and, on the other, through the substantially shortened construction phase. The use of modular construction is almost unlimited, ranging from residential construction to nursing homes, retirement houses, hotels, micro-apartments, student residences, office buildings, industries, etc.


We favour wood as a sustainable building material to realize your individual project. However, should mixed construction be desired, we offer the option of covering the building as a hybrid structure.

Image by Kam Idris



the complete wooden modular construction solution

Image by Behzad Ghaffarian



the alternative to the wooden modular construction solution

The i-BUILDING fulfills the highest standards in all fields - for a healthy, comfortable and future-oriented living

Your benefits

Short construction phase on site

Absolute quality and cost certainty

Each module is approved in our firm

Different sizes of modules allow for a variety of uses

No problems with statics

Also suitable for high-rise construction - up to 13 floors

With interior design, according to furnishing requirements 

Integrated i-SYSTEM with all the benefits

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