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The complete wooden solution in modular construction. 

The i-Module as a complete solution made of wood in the form of CLT panels as basic element. 

The i-Modul as a complete solution made of wood in the form of CLT panels as a basic element

The i-MODUL uses wood in a variety of forms, but primarily in CLT panels, as a basic element. The employment of wood as a ground unit and building material offers climate neutrality due to the CO2 stored in the aforementioned material and is predestined for modular construction in its nature. This offers you completely environmentally friendly buildings that cover the entire ecological footprint, in relation to both construction and operation.

The building is insulated with natural materials whose properties are ideal for this purpose.

Since wood is easy to work with, there are no limits to the design, so the size and shape can vary depending on the individualization of the project. In addition, both the interior design and the exterior facade can be freely designed, meaning that we can adapt your project even more specifically to your wishes.

The numerous advantages of timber over concrete construction give the building much more flexibility in its design. The i-Modul as an environmentally friendly building includes the entire ecological footprint, relating to both construction and operation!



Your benefits

Very fast implementation on site

Approval of the modules in the firm

Healthy living environment


                      CO2-neutral buildings

Freely configurable interior and facade

No hazardous waste - life cycle is guaranteed

Flexible use

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