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You can choose: buying or contracting

Buy i-ENERGY and become your own electricity producer!

You have the option of purchasing the comprehensive i-Energy system and thus operating it yourself. This results in a local, independent and completely climate-friendly energy supply, which eliminates the dependence on other countries and the power grid and becomes a success factor for you in the future. In order to make this possible for you, we use the sun, wind, biomass and geothermal energy as primary power. We employ self-produced hydrogen as energy storage, which is subsequently fed into the MMT  and thus generates electricity and heat. The latter product can also be converted into cold by absorbers.

We then feed the waste heat from the MMT into our MMT so no emissions are released into the air, and we can, as a result, provide a clean and efficient supply.


Depending on the project and requirements, we can equip the MMT with applications that increase efficiency and significantly enhance effectiveness. The entire energy concept forms a holistic system and is individually designed and tailored to the required conditions relating to the project so that any loss of energy is prevented.

If you have more electricity and heat left than you use, the monitoring system can help distribute it to other locations or feed it into the electricity and heat network and, hence, ultimately sell it. You also receive CO2 certificates for saved CO2 emissions, which you can sell. This gives you the opportunity to pay off the system in the shortest possible term and generate income.  

Unterzeichnen eines Vertrages

i-ENERGY is available to everyone!

Alternatively, you can agree on a contract with us - you benefit under every point of view!

You have the opportunity to enjoy the comprehensive i-Energy through contracting. Energy contracting means that you provide the space, be it in your company, a building or an open area, where electricity is to be produced. We take care of the planning, financing, construction and operation of the i-ENERGY SYSTEM and sell you the usable energy for electricity, heating and cooling at an appealing price.

The contractual agreement is usually based on a term of around 25 years. We differentiate between various contracting models, which differ primarily in the focus and scope of the services provided. The contracting agreement is always drawn up individually with our customers.

We cover the acquisition costs for you, generate the electricity on your behalf and take on the tasks of energy management. You will benefit from low energy costs by optimizing energy production.

Your benefits

Tailor-made, sustainable energy supply - independent of the local energy supplier

Own hydrogen production for self-use or for third-party use

An expected reduction in electricity consumption of up to 60% compared to the present (peak load)

Meets - and exceeds - the 2035 climate goals

24/7 with backup supply and therefore fail-safe

Integrated CO2-neutral solution - enables tax savings

Complete monitoring solution

Circular economy in the energy process

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